Terms & Condition

Terms & Condition

Artwork (Do,s)

• Artwork should always look professionally designed
• Artwork should be 3000×3000 pixels jpg/jpeg and should cover
• The complete space of 3000x3000px frame.
• The song title and artist name must be written on the artwork.
• Artists can use personal photos only if the song name is written

Don’ts (नहीं करना)

• Social media of oneself (even the logos), famous personality photo, contact details are strictly prohibited.
• The keywords such as “hit song,” “audio song,” “video song,” and “out now” are not permitted.
• Festival special terms mentioned on the artwork such as
•Valentine’s Day special, Holi special, etc. are not permitted.
•Blank/dark artwork is prohibited.

Audio Do’s करना है

• Audio file should be in 44100 hz, 32-bit, .wav format
• Audio length should be between 1 min to 12 mins Audio should be recorded in a studio.
Don’ts नहीं करना है
• Don’t mention contact details in the song
• The Song shouldn’t end abruptly Any song that is slowed down, recorded in a riverbed. is lo-fi, covered, or remixed is not acceptable. More than ten seconds of silence should not occur between songs

Before Purchasing A plan
1) Before buying a plane you have to read our tension condition because We only upload original songs and do not upload Lofi, Slowed Reverb, Remix songs
2) To purchase a plan, you will have to make payment through UPI.
3) If you have any questions before purchasing the plan, you can ask us on WhatsApp.

After Purchasing A Plan

1) If you have bought the plan from the website then you will have to message us on WhatsApp that you have bought the plan, only then we will be able to provide you the uploading dashboard.
2) After payment you will have to show the screenshot on WhatsApp
3) You have to fill the correct Song Credits Name, Singer, Writter, Producer, Composer, Genre, Release Date, Audio, Artwork in the uploading dashboard. If there is any mistake, we will not be responsible for it.
4) After your first song goes live, we will claim your Spotify account within one week. You have to call us to make a claim
5) We’ll link your Instagram song once your Spotify account is claimed
6) In this way we will also provide your official artist channel
7) We Do Not Refund Plan Money
Note – To avail all the features of the plan, you will have to message us. We will not claim your Spotify account on your own. We will not link Instagram songs. We will not provide official artist channels. You will have to call us. We will provide it to you.

PDF Of Terms & Conditions

If you want PDF of terms and conditions by mail then submit your name and gmail.