Terms & Condition

Terms & Condition

Note -1) Important – Terms & Condition – If your content, lyrics, writer, composer, voice is not original and still you submit it for uploading, then we will not be responsible for that. Whatever case will be filed against you, you will be responsible for that.

2) We will file a case against you without informing you if you re-distribute any songs distributed through our service

1) (UPLOADING) We are strictly against copyrighted content Artwork issues (not in format), you will not get any mail/notifications because we have already mentioned in terms regarding Artwork and Audio format. Users have to read the terms before uploading. Also apart from official website, we have mentioned the terms and norms on our social platforms.

2) Audio duration should be minimum 1 Min. And should be in (.wav) format.

3) Album Artwork should be 3000*3000 pixels and contain only Content and Singer/Artist Name. If not in given format, we will not continue the distribution. And don’t mention the – HD Video, 4K HD Video, Coming soon, Out Now, 1080 Ultra HD, address, Barcode, mobile number, release date, and platform name/logo in the artwork.

4) We will not takedown the song after publishing for at least 6 months. For Example : If the date of release is 30 June 2024, takedown will be done after 6 months that is after 31st Dec 2024. ( If you still want your song to be deleted then you can send us a personal message – support@devdigitalnetwork.com )

5) Approval time will be 24 hours to 72 hours. Approval means review of content, doesn’t mean that content will be live in 24 or 72 hours.

6) TAT – It takes 2 days* to 7 days* to be live on platforms. Few Platforms take more than 5 to 7 days*.

7) Caller tunes/Hello Tunes will activate in 5 days* to 9 days*. Only for (Gold Plan) users

8) Saturdays and Sundays – uploading the content on servers of platforms will be closed. (Suppose, your release date is 10th, better is to give content on 2nd or 3rd of the same month. Means 7 days* prior)

9) Holidays – Saturdays, Sundays and other government/national holidays (Holidays will not count in TAT).

10) Artist/Singer name on Artwork should be same as given name of Singer/Artist above.

11) For Explicit Content, Caller Tune is Prohibited.

12) Minimum Royalty Should be ₹300/- or $7 to transfer from dashboard to your account.

13) One Page Uploading Dashboard will be provided to only verified members (Labels/Artists)

14) To get Label plan, min of 10 original songs should be require in the starting to verify the Label and their originality, just to avoid the frauds and scams. And the same applies for the Artists Dashboard. (From the 7th July 2024 we have implemented these terms and condition on everyone)

15) Do not upload songs without reading the terms on this page. We are not responsible

Refund – We do not refund plan money for these reasons

Note – will not give you a refund in these reason
Note 1) If you want to cancel the plan then read all this • Uploading copyrighted songs
• Copying lyrics from another song
• Uploading another singer’s song in your name
• Uploading a song created in Free Beat
• Uploading someone else’s song without permission
• If you request us to claim topic (OAC) of another artist we will cancel your plan
Note – To avail all the features of the plan, you will have to message us. We will not claim your Spotify account on your own. We will not link Instagram songs. We will not provide official artist channels. You will have to call us. We will provide it to you.

PDF Of Terms & Conditions

If you want PDF of terms and conditions by mail then submit your name and gmail.